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Our current Pinball and Arcade Games on site

We update this list as often as we can, if you are sincerely driving in from out of town to play something specific, do yourself a favor and call us or email us to make sure it's still with us/working correctly as things do happen!! 


We have 20 pinball machines on the floor! The current LIVE list of games on the floor can be found by clicking here: Pinball Map

Arcade Games

  • Galaga (original from the 80's)

  • Big Buckhunter Reloaded

  • Ringtoss Ticket Game

  • Skeeball (we have three BRAND NEW as of 5/24)

  • Major League Baseball (Throw baseballs!)

  • Pirate Ship Kiddie Ride

  • Star Wars Battle Pod

  • Claw Machines

  • 60-in-1 Table

  • Sandbag Toss

  • Pac-Man (original from the 80's)

  • Batman Driving Game

  • Terminator Salvation Shooter

  • Big Punch 3 Boxer

  • Time Crisis 5

  • Sonic Ticket Game

  • Rubix Cube World

  • Dirty Drivin' (like grown up Mario Kart!)

  • Dirty Drivin' (We have two so you can race!)

  • Locker Claw (win big prizes)

  • Fishbowl Frenzy

  • Guitar Hero Arcade

  • Hero Basketball

  • Hoop Fever (full size basketball)

  • Jurassic Park Raw Thrills

  • Let's Bounce

  • Magic Ball Coin Pusher

  • Milk Jug Toss

  • Movie Stop

  • NFL (Throw footballs!)

  • Breakout (Throw balls to break things on a screen!)

  • Planet Roll

  • Simpsons Soccer

  • Sonic Dash Extreme

  • Super Air Hockey

  • TimeBuster (stop the timer RIGHT on 1000 to win the top prizes!)

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