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Willy Wonka Weekend!

We're having our own version of the contest from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! We've crafted 100 different mystery boxes at the arcade, labeled 1 to 100. Each box has an item inside from our prize counter that is worth at least 1,000 tickets. Play some games at the arcade, win some tickets, and if you so choose, you can spend 1,000 tickets on a mystery box. Worst case scenario, you walk away with a random prize. Best case scenario, you win one of FOUR Golden Tickets which grants you access to the arcade on Saturday, January 21st for a special private party with the other winners of the Golden Tickets. The party will consist of:

  1. The winner, a parent or guardian, and 4 additional guests the winner may bring.

  2. The arcade will be closed to the public.

  3. The winners will receive unlimited gameplay while they are at the arcade INCLUDING 15 minutes to rack up as many tickets on their game card as they can so they can redeem even more prizes!

  4. A special Willy Wonka-themed food table with candy, chocolates, and other sweet treats.


  1. Must provide a full name and email address or phone number at the time the Golden Ticket is found.

  2. 1,000 tickets will be redeemed off a Full Tilt game card, and in return, a random number generator will determine which mystery box you will receive.

  3. Prizes are non-refundable, non-transferable, and have no cash value

  4. The date of the party is already set and cannot be altered. Please make sure you can attend that day if you decide to redeem a mystery box!

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