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Pinball Tournament Schedule
All Times CST
Doors open at 5pm on Wednesdays
Tourneys start at 6pm

Register in person 30 minutes beforehand or email us at if you are coming from out of town and want to reserve a spot!

may pinball tournament information

Future official IFPA Events:

Upcoming Tournaments

Pinball Tournament Descriptions (all times Central)

EVERY MONDAY! Flipper Frenzy- ALL GAMES ARE HALF PRICED DURING THIS TOURNAMENT!!! 45 Minute Head-to-Head Flipper Frenzy Tournament during Lunch Break. Play as many Head-to-Head matches as possible in 45 minutes. Win a trophy!

Doors open 12-1pm!

May 3rd there is no tournament!

May 8th and 22nd - 4 Strike Tournament (IFPA OFFICIAL)

You'll play in a group of either 3 or 4 players. Who you play, which game you play, and which position you play (first player, second player, etc) are randomly selected. Player one goes first and plays their ball. Once they drain that ball, the second player plays their first ball. Once the second player drains their ball, then the third player plays, then the fourth player. After all players have played their first ball, the rotation starts over and the first player plays their second ball. After all players have completed their second ball, the rotation starts over and all players play their third ball. There are three balls per player total (any extra balls earned are not played in our strike tournaments).

The final score of each player determines if they finished first, second, third, or fourth.

In 4 player matches, 1st place receives no strike, 2nd and 3rd places receive 1 strike, and 4th place receives 2 strikes.
In 3 player matches, 1st place receives no strike, 2nd receives 1 strike, and 3rd receives 2 strikes. Play moves on to the next round of games with new randomly assigned players playing in new groups of either four or three.
Once you receive 4 strikes total, you are out of the tournament.
Win a $20 game card, a Trophy, and Stern Army swag if it's a Stern Army Event!


May 15th Pinball School (FREE!) IFPA Pro Dan White will show you any and everything you need to know to get better at pinball. First time playing? We'll show you exactly what you need to do to play, and it's all FREE! 


May 29th - ADULTS ONLY - 21+ - Couples Split Flipper Tournament


You play one flipper, your partner plays the other flipper, and you go heads to heads (ok that does sound weird but it's fun we swear!) against another couple. Ruin your relationship right here and have an awkward drive home at Full Tilt Arcade and Pinball! We're JOKING. It's super chill and very fun. Come have a beer and do date night the right way, LaPorte! :)

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