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Pinball Tournament Schedule
All Times CST

Register in person 30 minutes beforehand or email if you are coming from out of town
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Pinball Tournament Descriptions

EVERY MONDAY! Flipper Frenzy- ALL GAMES ARE HALF PRICED DURING THIS TOURNAMENT!!! 45 Minute Head-to-Head Flipper Frenzy Tournament during Lunch Break. Play as many Head-to-Head matches as possible in 45 minutes. Win a trophy!

Doors open 12-1pm!

2/2- Groundhogs Day Skee Ball Tournament

2/7- IFPA Match Play

5 Matches of 4 Player Match Play with 4 person Play-off. Top 4 players move to 3 game play-off. Win a TROPHY!

Tournament starts at 6pm

Finals start at 8pm

2/9- Guitar Hero Tournament

2/14- Valentines Day Couples Split Flipper Tournament

10 Matches of Couples Split Flipper Match Play You and your partner play together against another couple, each of you controls 1 flipper. Win a TROPHY!

Tournament starts at 6pm

2/21- IFPA 3 Strike Stern Army

Players play 4 player matches, l3rd and 4th place each receive 1 Strike 3 Strikes and you're out Win a trophy and Stern Army swag!!!

2/23- JAWS Launch Party

Pin-fishing tournament 

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