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  1. You are NOT going to dismantle, pry open, take apart, or otherwise damage ANYTHING in the world to get to the next clue. Those that do, will be disqualified from winning.

  2. There are no hints. I have a checklist of the clues that of course I’m tracking, and once certain things are triggered, the scoreboard will reflect the person that is in the lead and that person will receive the next clue.

  3. You need a Google account to play (it’s just easier for me to track stuff). Accounts are free to create. Your actual first and last name and a valid phone number and google email address are required to win the prize. I’m not selling your info, I don’t care about it, I just care about reaching you to give you the next clues!

  4. You will be looking around the arcade for things, you will be looking around LaPorte County for things, you will be watching movies, playing video games, reading books, collecting donations/and or helping people, or going to specific places at specific times (or sending someone in your stead if you have other obligations).

  5. This rule list will be amended from time to time and is subject to change at my whim🙂

  6. Click here to register for the contest:  

Old man Konowitz is in a very good mood after his pooch Millie came out of life changing surgery for the it's a bunch of hints to help you get to the next step right here and now!

If you are stuck at....

What do do after you register: The confirmation page tells you to go back to the original post on Facebook where the letter B is the only thing out of clicking around on the website for the specific B from Let's Bounce on the games page takes you to a hidden page

What to do on the hidden page: You are looking for a very specific website to visit. That website is 

What to do when you get to the first'll be looking to email a number to the @xxxxxxxx address that is on that website.

You'll receive an email back from me with a riddle...what then? use that riddle to go to a different website.

Made it to the second website? There's a crossword puzzle for you to complete...after you complete that crossword move into the real world and need to visit the arcade with that new knowledge and hopefully do what's needed to receive the first Koin

If you have made it this far, you may email me at and put the name of the crossword puzzle in the subject line....and you can ask me three yes/no questions today only until 5pmCST (TWO HOURS FROM WHEN THIS WAS POSTED AT 3pmCST on March 14th!)


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